State of the Church 2017

State of the Church 2017
Four Year Anniversary

We’re providing this one-page snapshot of what Pillar Jax has been up to,

how you can be involved, and what the plans are moving forward.

Please take the time to read through this and prayerfully consider what the Lord would have for you in 2017 and beyond.

Around Pillar Jax

Membership- In 2016, Pillar Jax added 25 new members and removed 13 Members bringing us to 66 total Members. Our members are currently spread all over the world- Norway, Okinawa, two preparing to depart on a Marine Expeditionary Unit, and one departing to an undisclosed location.
PRAY that God would continue to arrange the members of the body as He chooses (1 Cor 12:18) and that God would make His appeal to the nations through us (2 Cor 5:20) wherever we find ourselves in the years to come.

Births/Placements/Adoptions- In 2016, we added several to our church family the old fashioned way welcoming 4 new infants into our family. We also saw our church foster 4 new children in their home for varying durations. In the past few weeks (2017) our church family has finalized 2 adoptions and welcomed another new baby! And of course, we have several more arrivals expected in 2017!
PRAY that the Lord would continue to grow our church family through birth and adoption. Also pray for new birth- that we would celebrate several professions of faith and baptisms in 2017!


2016 Contributions : $176,846
Internal Giving: $99,748
External Giving: $23,294
Pass Through: $53,803

2016 Expenses: $178,521
Church Planting/Missions: $106,618
Staff Salary: $63,401
Operations/Admin: $8,502

In 2016, we came just shy of achieving our goal financially to become independent of external support while continuing to support our current staff salary and church planting endeavors. We ended the year $1,675 “in the red” as our committed external support phased out.
PRAY that we would be able to further discipline ourselves to remain within the approved budget, maintain our current commitments, while adding the responsibility to steward a new property.

Church Adoption- The turn of the calendar from 2016 to 2017 found Pillar Church on the cusp of adopting Midville Baptist Church members into our family. We are thankful to the Lord for the legacy of Gospel witness that Midville provided Jacksonville for her nearly six decade history.

Redeeming Love- In 2016, members of Pillar Jax took opportunities in many avenues to show the redeeming love of Christ to people in many walks of life. Pray for this important ministry and that we would all bring the love of God into difficult places.

Impacting Beyond Our City

Praetorian Project Progress- The Praetorian Project is our effort to plant a network of like-minded churches in communities near military bases around the world. Pillar Jax has been invaluable in this effort as the third church in the network. The network now consists of eight churches with a ninth launching in 2017 (Pillar Church of Twentynine Palms, CA). Pray and Proclaim- Pray for this project and talk to others about it. Tell servicemembers and talk about it with your church “back home”.

Pillar Church of Oceanside, CA- Pillar Oceanside was our first attempt at being the sending church for a church plant. In February 2014, we sent out Jon and Linnea Ransom to join with Trace and Kristy Martinez to plant Pillar Oceanside. They are doing well in their community, growing in their love for the Lord and numerically. They have a plurality of elders, established membership, and have already sent out a church- Pillar Okinawa. This year they plan to officially constitute.

Pillar Church of Kaneohe, HI- In June of 2015, we sent off Johnny and Robbin Griffith to plant Pillar Church of Kaneohe, HI. Pillar Kaneohe has been difficult work due to a lot of factors, but God has been faithful in gathering His church! They have established membership and have already celebrated several baptisms! They are still working to establish a plurality of elders and constitute as a church.

NEW Church Planting Apprentice!- In August of 2017, Pat and Lauren Cole along with their four children plan to move to Jacksonville for Pat to be our next Church Planting Apprentice. Pat is a veteran Marine who has a passion for biblical counseling.

Supporting Church- We continue to be a supporting church for Loftsofan Church in Reykjavik, Iceland. We support them financially, with prayer, mentorship, and encouragement as somewhat of a “big brother” church.

What’s Next?

We operate under the assumption that God is a far better Evangelist, Lover of people, Missions Strategist, and Church-planting Strategist than we could ever be. We therefore open our eyes to the open fields of the harvest and a world that is in desperate need of the saving love of Jesus Christ and we pray that the Lord of the harvest would send out laborers into His harvest (Luke 10:2).

Continuing Midville Adoption- In 2017, a large effort of the church will be to love well and unify with the members of Midville Baptist Church. These saints have already added to the diversity of age and culture we have been praying for over the past couple of years. Please continue to love one another, get to know one another, and work towards full unity around the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Move to Property at 10 East Drive- As a part of the adoption of Midville Baptist Church, we will also be receiving the church property at 10 East Drive in Jacksonville. The legalities of this transition will take some time which will allow us to focus on adopting the members first and foremost. Once the transfer of the property is complete and the elders are confident in moving forward, the church will be moving to our new location!