Main Gathering: Sundays at 10:30am

10 East Drive, Jacksonville NC

What You Can Expect:

  • Welcome/Prayer- We will explain why we exist as a church (To Know Jesus and Make Jesus Known), explain a prayer emphasis for the week, and then we will pray for the prayer emphasis and the rest of our gathering.
  • Singing- We will sing several songs throughout the gathering. The lyrics of the songs will exalt God and compel those gathered to love and adore Him.
  • Sermon- Each Sunday a faithful man will walk us through a passage of the Bible and explain what it meant in its context, and what it means to us in our lives today. We typically do this by methodically working through a book of the Bible from beginning to end.
  • Lord’s Supper- During this time the Christians who are present remember and celebrate Jesus and all He did for us in His life, death, burial, and resurrection.  This is for Christians- those who are repenting of our sins and trusting Jesus for saving us.
  • [Baptism]-  Whenever someone in our midst repents of their sins and turns to trust in the Lord, we encourage obedience to the Lord in baptism. Our baptism gatherings are typically on Sunday afternoons on the beach.

Children’s Options:

We are very family friendly and are supportive of children joining adults for church service. On the average Sunday approximately one third of the main gathering will be children kindergarteners to teens.

Age appropriate classes are held for younger children at 10:30am during the main gathering time:

  • Nursery (birth to walking)
  • Toddlers (walking to potty-trained)
  • Sprouts (Potty Trained to Kindergarten)

  2734 Commerce Road Jacksonville, NC 28546