The Praetorian Project

The Praetorian Project was conceived in 2010/2011 and is the effort to plant a network of like-minded, Gospel-centered churches in communities near every Marine Corps base in the world. Pillar Jax is the third church in this project and we will be intentional about seeing new churches planted as a part of this project. The project has recently expanded to include planting in communities near military bases (not just Marine Corps) worldwide.

The New River Baptist Association

The New River Baptist Association is comprised of 34 Southern Baptist churches which are located across four counties in eastern North Carolina.

The New River Baptist Association is a family of churches whose purposes are to model Christian fellowship; to bear witness to the Biblical doctrine and principles of the Baptist faith; to assist local congregations in their tasks of worship, preaching and evangelism, teaching training, and ministries; to cooperatively engage in missions, evangelism and ministry in the Association; to cooperate with the North Carolina Baptist State Convention and the Southern Baptist Convention in a world missions program in magnifying the Lordship of Jesus Christ and in extending His Kingdom upon the earth.

North Carolina Baptists

The Baptist State Convention of North Carolina (BSCNC) was established in 1830 as a way for churches to accomplish more for God’s kingdom by working together. The BSCNC, which cooperates with the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC), includes 77 local Baptist associations and about 4,300 churches.  Our Mission is to assist the North Carolina Southern Baptist churches in their divinely appointed mission. 


The Southern Baptist Convention

We join ~42,000 other churches that have the same theological convictions that we do in contributing to a shared mission fund called the cooperative program. That fund pays for more than 10,000 missionaries worldwide.

Southern Baptists have prepared a statement of generally held convictions:  The Baptist Faith and Message. It serves as a guide to understanding who we are.