Here are six statements that represent what we value about the life and ministry of Pillar Church

What is meant by these Ethos Statements?

We value “bold faith.”  All of the best things that have happened at our church have happened as a result of bold steps of faith. When we have known what God wanted us to do, no matter how crazy it seemed, we have been willing to attempt it.

We value “multiplication over growth.”  Pillar Church’s leaders have chosen from our earliest days to place a greater priority on multiplication than we have on growth. We dedicate an unusually high portion of our resources to the multiplication of churches and the development of new kingdom leaders.

We value “people over projects.”  We have made the decision to value the people of our body, particularly those who go out on mission for us, over the work they accomplish in the name our church. This value manifests itself in many different ways but primarily means that we are never too busy to stop and help a brother or sister in need.

We value “visible plurality.”  The simplest and most accurate answer to the question, “Who is the pastor at Pillar Church?” is… The church’s elders pastor the church. Every member of the elder team at Pillar Church has been entrusted with the responsibility of leading the church. The “Pastor” who preaches on Sunday has no more authority in the church than the “Elder” who was just appointed to the role.

We value “consensus and deference.”  We have committed to deferring to one another, fighting for unity, not fighting with each other. We should always be “mutually submitting to one another out of reverence for Christ” (Ephesians 5:21). We trust the determination of the group more than we do the determination of any one individual. “Without counsel plans fail, but with many advisers they succeed.” (Proverbs 15:22)

We value “congregational trust.”   We believe congregational unity is a gift from God and a result of the congregation’s confidence in the character of our elders. To maintain this level of trust with our congregation we must remain committed to living exemplary lives before them both in our leadership and our conduct.